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What I hate is when people are like “That is so gay” or “That is so retarded” or call eachother “nigger”. I mean, first of all, we live in a free country, where the Don’t ask Don’t tell thing was repealed. It’s super offending, especially to gay people, when someone says that something is gay. People treat gay people like they’re not people. 

Second of all, people shouldn’t call eachother retarded. It’s especially offending to me because my Uncle Steve was mentally retarded, and for people to call eachother retarded instead of stupid is just… dispicable. 

Lastly, people shouldn’t call eachother nigger. Nigger is an extremely offensive word, especially to African-American people. We didn’t go through the whole Civil Rights movement for nothing. I mean, black people use to be  called 3/5’s of a person. They weren’t even classified as a whole person! Then, there was the whole Jim Crow incident. 

So to all you people who think it’s okay to say things or people are gay or retarded when they really aren’t, or call eachother niggers, you’re wrong; SO JUST STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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